Is it a real horse?
No. We simply couldn’t bring to the stage a play narrated by the leading character (a horse). Instead the horse characters are brought to life superbly and beautifully by the cast and their stunning costumes. See our section About the Show for more details of the production.

What about the weather?
There is no getting away from it, British weather can be changeable. Being exposed to the elements makes each production unique!

Sometimes bad weather may force us to pause the show, however, unless there are extreme weather conditions, such as a thunderstorm or hurricane, it is highly unlikely that we would cancel a performance.

If the show is cancelled or postponed, can I get a refund?
In most cases the refund policy is dictated by the venue. Ultimately however, if we are unable to offer a valid alternative, refunds will be considered.

What should I wear?
You should be prepared for all types of weather: bring sun-cream and sun hats, but also waterproofs and warm clothing too. It’s worth bearing in mind that most venues will be uncovered.

Should I bring an umbrella?
To be honest we would rather you didn’t, as umbrellas can restrict the view of others. We’ll still perform until the weather becomes impossibly bad, so we ask you consider other methods of keeping dry should they be needed.

Where will I sit?
In most cases there is no formal seating plan, and chairs may not always be available. Seating areas will always be dry (although uncovered). Please bring your own rugs/cushions/chairs. Those with chairs should place themselves behind those without.

Will there be anything to eat?
Venues will differ in the refreshments they offer, so it may be worth checking prior to the event. In most cases you are entirely welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks, even a full picnic if you fancy it! What could be better than enjoying a summer evening with a picnic…?